Blog Entries

Fox puppies
Last week in the nearby forest: some curious fox puppies were playing just a few meters away from the path.
Alder Fly on Reed with Eggs
An alder fly lives for 1 to 2 years - but only 2 to 3 weeks outside as a fly
31° Celsius
Stuck at 31° Celsius - the dial for the boiler temperature. A boiler that was mostly disassembled, stolen and the
Dark Lobby
The lobby in the management building is mostly quite dark. But when the sun stands right, some rays find their
No matter how often I look at this picture - I cannot figure out the purpose of this isolation chamber
Dinosaur Egg in the Hallway
A dinosaur egg for Easter! Happy Easter everyone!This rock in the entrance hall of an old wellness clinic is the
Full Moon
A few minutes ago on the balcony... the full moon with a Maksutov 1000mm lens, the Sony ILCE-7RM3 and a
Sleep in Pink
The bedroom looks nice and inviting - except that pink is not my color.Too nice for an abandoned building: In
Lonely Desk
Only the lonely desk remained in the green room, lit by the sunlight through the big window. It must have
Last Blood
An old centrifuge with some samples left inside... if they are blood samples, I didn't check.Found in an old, abandoned
Frozen Berries
Just a little winter macro...... some frozen red berries covered with snow.
Crispy Cabbage
On today's menu we have a crispy cabbage from the kitchen of an abandoned wellness clinic in Germany.It seems that
Black Line
A corridor in the old, abandoned wellness clinic Sylvia - somewhere in Germany.Vandals have been active here - but compared
Shower Time!
In the basement of an old, abandoned school in Switzerland... The only showers in a building with many dorms! There
Home is...
... where I keep my Eggs!Found in the old kitchen of an abandoned school in Switzerland.