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Here you can find a selection of my pictures from various topics.

Have you seen the Weekend? Have you seen the Weekend?
Up the Grass Up the Grass
Clinique Du Diable Clinique Du Diable
Bearded Vulture Bearded Vulture
Daisy in the Sun Daisy in the Sun
Cat in Thoughts Cat in Thoughts
Empty Chapel Empty Chapel
Portrait of a Stork Portrait of a Stork
Wrapped Wrapped
Red House on the Shore Red House on the Shore
Hammered Hammered
Empty Garage Empty Garage
Sylvia's red Bath Tub Sylvia's red Bath Tub
The Evening after The Evening after
Dirty Air Dirty Air
Bloody Hand Bloody Hand
Lost Weight Lost Weight
Evening Sun Evening Sun
Opening Opening
Floating on Green Floating on Green
Snowdrops in the Spring Sun Snowdrops in the Spring Sun
Portrait of a Mallard Portrait of a Mallard
Window to the Sea Window to the Sea
Walking on the Shore Walking on the Shore
Autumn Gold Autumn Gold
Ferrum Ferrum
Dreaming in the Forest Dreaming in the Forest
Footsteps Footsteps
Peony Flower Peony Flower
Determined Determined
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