Footsteps in the thick, black dust of the old Ferrum foundry in Schafisheim, Switzerland, Schweiz


The visit in Ferrum gave quite an impression about foundry business: In the dusty air, every step left a print in the thick black dust and a small cloud behind. A metal foundry is neither a clean environment nor an easy or healthy job…


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Nathalie Hornung
4 years ago

Jan, irgendwie ist Dein Beitrag mehrfach hier in der Gruppe…
(Und noch ein kleiner Hinweis: Bitte keine genauen Ortsangaben. 😉 )

Mirel Lotan
4 years ago

Mysterious … (Y)

Jan Fenkhuber
4 years ago
Reply to  Mirel Lotan

And guess which prints are mine… :p