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So far I did not do an exhibition on my own. It’s an expensive and very time consuming process – but time will come. Until then I take the chance to participate as a part of a bigger event.
Since I’m a member of a photo group (kind like a “regular’s table”: Foto Treff), every year there is an exhibition with a given topic, where I participate with a few pictures.


2019 - Interspaces (Zwischenräume)
Circled Hook Circled Hook
Dimensional-Shift Dimensional-Shift
Sheltered Sheltered
Light Lines Light Lines
Out of the Fog Out of the Fog
2018 - Portraits
Something on my Mind Something on my Mind
Selling Flowers Selling Flowers
Silent Prayer in the Bus Silent Prayer in the Bus
2017 - Contrasts (Kontraste)
Out of the Dark Out of the Dark
Arabian Mall Arabian Mall
Sunshine on my Pillow Sunshine on my Pillow
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