Shadow of a Chair - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
In the basement of the chief doctor's villa, a strange chair is waiting in a dark corner. The screws and
Macro of a spider on wood
A little spider with a fascinating bluish body sitting on wood. It felt like it was looking at me...
Macro profile of a mosquito on the ground
Profile of a mosquito on the ground. Maybe this was the "terrestrial" inspiration to design alien life forms in movies...
Color in the Attic - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
Green and red walls, remains of a red carpet... it must have been a colorful room. Although it's not on
Macro of a bug on a leaf
 It seemed like this little guy was just watching people walking along the meadow. Time for a picture!
Macro of a nursery web spider hanging in the grass
Macro of a Nursery Web Spider hanging around the grass, lurking for her prey.
Boiler Room - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
In the boiler room only two of the four boilers are still standing and slowly corroding with time. Many pipes
The butchery behind the kitchen
It looks bloody. It looks like the butchery - and it's just in the far corner of the kitchen. Only
Macro of a fly sitting on an akelei
A fly sitting chilled on a columbine. Caught in spring, on a Sunday afternoon.
Determined - Clinique du Diable, Alsace, France
A friend from our photo group on his first UrbEx adventure in the Clinique Du Diable.Just a year after my
Window to the Mountain
Yesterday on the Șaua Caprei in the Romanian mountains.After a cloud took away the visibility, a window opened to show
Dragonfly Macro
A big blue dragonfly, a Blue Dasher, was patiently posing on a branch one sunny Sunday afternoon.
Escape(?) Tunnel - Clinique Du Diable, France
In the cellar of the main building we found this low tunnel. The end leads to some barricaded stairs and
Mortuary Chamber - Clinique du Diable
The first thought when I found this room was... Mortuary Chamber. Maybe because of the one table in there, deep
Macro of an orange Skipper Butterfly sitting on white flowers
A macro of an orange Skipper Butterfly sitting on white flowers. A fist try with my new macro speed lights.