Under the Roof
Under the roof of the Clinique du Diable... all is dark except of one tiny window that lets a little
The Piano
Whoever played the piano last must have given quite a show.
Little Alien Planet
Empty eyes (literally) and a look like an alien... The empty hull of a dragonfly larva.
Tiny black Panther
A cat from our neighborhood... If she's around when we go for a walk, she always comes to get some
Sarina's Kitchen
Sarina's kitchen is quite a mess... I did not figure since when the tavern is abandoned - but it must
Grown from Fire
One evening after barbecue at the river...Shot on my Sony ILCE-7RM3 with an old Helios 44-2 and processed in Luminar
001 - 20190223-ILCE-7RM3-172509_134881.jpg
Like you can take the crane and drive to the sunset...Shot in the old Ferrum foundry on a nice Saturday
dragonfly - 20190707-ILCE-7RM3-155217_156935.jpg
Last weekend on a little lake in the forest: a young dragonfly is hanging on the grass to inflate and
dragonfly - 20190630-ILCE-7RM3-221933_156668.jpg
The ghost of the lake is an empty dragonfly larva in the moss. The larva is usually hiding under water
2019_07 - 20190623-ILCE-7RM3-145536_155836.jpg
Usually flies are quite annoying: walking over our food or land in our faces and we have no clue where
tavern_sarina - 20190526-ILCE-7RM3-152130_149791.jpg
Once made for walking, the retired boot sits at the door, looking out to the green world.
tavern_sarina - 20190526-ILCE-7RM3-151521_149750.jpg
From our exploration on last Sunday: a table underground - in the cellar of an old tavern in Switzerland.
Lost Control - A remote for one of the many cranes inside the old Ferrum foundry in Schafisheim, Switzerland, Schweiz
A forgotten remote control for one of the many cranes insider the old foundry. 
Under broken Windows - Frank taking a picture of the pool in the Clinique du Diable, an abandoned Clinic, Sanatorium, Hotel in Alsace, France
At the old pool in the Clinique du Diable, Frank frames his shot.
In the Jungle - A skull in the moss
Found in a flower pot, in the moss and underneath some peppermint plants.