Where once people gathered for worship and to find peace, only shattered and colored windows remind us of the place
Inside the garage, where a workshop surrounded by windows used to be, someone once must have had a little snack:
Maybe not every company is the same. But when the weeks motto is "Robinson" (waiting for Friday), as soon as
A hidden door at a hydro electric power station in Aarau, Switzerland
On the lower side of the hydroelectric power station in Aarau, a door is hidden between walls and a stair.
In the back, along two buildings, locates a big garage. Due to a rather remote location, cars were (and still
Once hanging protected in a room and providing light in the dark, color faded after it went dark and the
Blue Mirroe - The water above the hydro electric pwoer plant in Aarau, Switzerland
A quick snapshot of the hydroelectric power station in Aarau on a nice and sunny day in December.   
In the staff housing (we assume), some rooms were equipped with a kitchenette. At least one of them survived the
In a place where no window stayed intact, the sun draws shadows of the remains. Cracks, broken fragments and light
This one, I have to confess, is not really urban exploration - it's just the snapshot of a hotel corridor
Old House
On a Sunday's drive and walk, we found this fascinating old house on Lake Lucerne. By looking at the building,
Quite some time passed since the announcement - and there s still plenty for me to work with. But: my
This year we made two visits to an abandoned sanatorium / clinic in Alsace. A third visit is pending... Thousands