A lot of pipes run all through the basement across the buildings and up to the top floors. The valves
These Boots are made for...
However the boots got in to an empty room with (artificial - I assume) blood on the wall, one can
Bloody Hand - Clinique du Diable, France
A barricaded corridor underneath the big kitchen in the Cinique du Diable. The furniture was most likely used once upon
In the Shadow of the Sun
The chief Doctor's villa in the Clinique du Diable. The building is a bit up the hill, behind the main
Determined - Clinique du Diable, Alsace, France
April 2018: The Clinique still stands. With some people from our photo group we went for an urban exploration to
From the day it was mounted, this electricity meter counted day and night. Until the cables got cut and counting
When business was running, each room needed power, every floor was flooded by artificial light during the dark hours of
Most likely the door to this quiet place cannot be opened from the outside anymore. That must be the reason
At the end of April, there is still snow in the hills of Alsace. If someone would stay inside this
Once a huge boiler was connected to those tubes. One tube most likely was for water, the other connected to
Snowdrops in the Spring Sun
Slowly spring is coming. The nights are still cold but some sun during the day makes first flowers appear on
Where once people gathered for worship and to find peace, only shattered and colored windows remind us of the place
Inside the garage, where a workshop surrounded by windows used to be, someone once must have had a little snack:
Maybe not every company is the same. But when the weeks motto is "Robinson" (waiting for Friday), as soon as
A hidden door at a hydro electric power station in Aarau, Switzerland
On the lower side of the hydroelectric power station in Aarau, a door is hidden between walls and a stair.