Bridge to the Sunset

Like you can take the crane and drive to the sunset… Shot in the old Ferrum foundry on a nice Saturday evening.

Control Console

The control console of one of the many rail cranes inside the old Ferrum foundry.  


The visit in Ferrum gave quite an impression about foundry business: In the dusty air, every step left a print in the thick black dust and a small cloud behind. A metal foundry is neither a clean environment nor an easy or healthy job…  

Ferrum Schafisheim

Ferrum is an old, traditional company in Switzerland with over 100 years of history. But the foundry business got less and less profitable until this part of the production ceased last year. Together with an employee we had the opportunity to visit the location which Continue Reading

Pallet Jack

Currently several companies that bought the machines from the closed foundry are disassembling them in order to be sent to a new “assignment” – so this forklift is not retired yet…