Bloody Butchery

It looks bloody. It looks like the butchery – and it’s just in the far corner of the kitchen. Only little people still know what went on in there – and why the walls are still bloody red…  


A friend from our photo group on his first UrbEx adventure in the Clinique Du Diable. Just a year after my first visit to the Clinique I went back with some friends to see what changed – compared to my last visit there is even Continue Reading

Escape(?) Tunnel

In the cellar of the main building we found this low tunnel. The end leads to some barricaded stairs and maybe an exit.What the use for this tunnel was remains a secret. But one could think… the shelves are long enough for human bodies and Continue Reading

Mortuary Chamber

The first thought when I found this room was… Mortuary Chamber. Maybe because of the one table in there, deep in the basement… And maybe the tunnel with shelves that starts in the right corner of the room…  


A little strange to find the only remaining medical equipment in the basement of the chief doctor’s villa which was basically built as a residence… maybe some other games were played here…  

Rusty Power

When power gets slowly replaced by rust and thieves take what once got driven by the electric motor… a lonely reminder poses in the small ventilation room.    

Clinique Du Diable

The Clinique Du Diable is a big complex with six buildings. This is the view from the front to the orange main building with some of the employees’ houses. Behind the main building, the pool is hidden and a bit up the hill the chief Continue Reading