Post Apocalypse

Post Apocalypse is a little story in pictures without a big history in the background. The photos for the story were taken on a two or three hours walk in a later afternoon outside Brașov, Romania. When I started to work and experiment with the Continue Reading

These Boots are made for…

However the boots got in to an empty room with (artificial – I assume) blood on the wall, one can only speculate. If someone left props from a photo shooting – or if there was something else going on? We won’t know…

Bloody Hand

A barricaded corridor underneath the big kitchen in the Cinique du Diable. The furniture was most likely used once upon a time. But however it got here and where a red hand print on the wall comes from will stay a mystery…  

Clinique Du Diable – Update

April 2018: The Clinique still stands. With some people from our photo group we went for an urban exploration to the Clinique. Compared to my last visit about a year before, there is even more damage caused by vandalism and even thief. Also the place Continue Reading


When business was running, each room needed power, every floor was flooded by artificial light during the dark hours of the nights. But that’s long gone. Only a few ripped off ends from wires and some electric appliance remember of the busy times. Thieves stole Continue Reading