Rusty Horses Power - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
Rusty Horses Power
This is the only remainder in a small room – everything else got stolen. One can only assume that this
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Entrance - Château Lumière, Alsace, France
The entrance of the Château Lumière, an abandoned villa in Alsace, France. The building looks impressive considering that once upon
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Red Bathrobe - Clinique Du Diable
Red Bathrobe
The hot water cooled down a while ago – most likely the boilers are completely dry and rusty inside… and
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Parked behind the House - Château Lumière, France
Château Lumière – A little Preview
A little preview from our visit to the Château Lumière last Saturday. There are a lot of pictures to check
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Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
Clinique Du Diable
The Clinique Du Diable is a big complex with six buildings. This is the view from the front to the
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Shadow of a Chair - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
Shadow of a Chair
In the basement of the chief doctor’s villa, a strange chair is waiting in a dark corner. The screws and
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Macro of a spider on wood
I see you!
A little spider with a fascinating bluish body sitting on wood. It felt like it was looking at me…
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Macro profile of a mosquito on the ground
Mosquito Profile
Profile of a mosquito on the ground. Maybe this was the “terrestrial” inspiration to design alien life forms in movies…
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Color in the Attic - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
Color in the Attic
Green and red walls, remains of a red carpet… it must have been a colorful room. Although it’s not on
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Macro of a bug on a leaf
Top of the Leaf
  It seemed like this little guy was just watching people walking along the meadow. Time for a picture!
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Macro of a nursery web spider hanging in the grass
Just hanging around
Macro of a Nursery Web Spider hanging around the grass, lurking for her prey.
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Boiler Room - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
Boiler Room
In the boiler room only two of the four boilers are still standing and slowly corroding with time. Many pipes
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The butchery behind the kitchen
Bloody Butchery
It looks bloody. It looks like the butchery – and it’s just in the far corner of the kitchen. Only
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Macro of a fly sitting on an akelei
On the Columbine
A fly sitting chilled on a columbine. Caught in spring, on a Sunday afternoon.
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Determined - Clinique du Diable, Alsace, France
A friend from our photo group on his first UrbEx adventure in the Clinique Du Diable. Just a year after
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