Escape(?) Tunnel - Clinique Du Diable, France
Escape(?) Tunnel
In the cellar of the main building we found this low tunnel. The end leads to some barricaded stairs and
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Mortuary Chamber - Clinique du Diable
Mortuary Chamber
The first thought when I found this room was… Mortuary Chamber. Maybe because of the one table in there, deep
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Macro of an orange Skipper Butterfly sitting on white flowers
Puppy Eyes
A macro of an orange Skipper Butterfly sitting on white flowers. A fist try with my new macro speed lights.
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Macro of a dragonfly - black&white
Portrait of a Dragonfly
This little guy was quite a poser. He gave a damn about me taking closeup shots. Of course: after some
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Gynecology - Clinique Du Diable, Alsace, France
A little strange to find the only remaining medical equipment in the basement of the chief doctor’s villa which was
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Rusty Power - An old electric motor, partially disassembled, in the Clinique Du dIable, an abandoned sanatorium / clinic / hotel in the ills of Alsace, France
Rusty Power
When power gets slowly replaced by rust and thieves take what once got driven by the electric motor… a lonely
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Macro of spider eating a fly
Spider @ Lunch
A little spider just thought that I’m coming to steal its lunch. But the defensive pose just vanished after I
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Macro of a mosquito
In the middle of the trail, the mosquito was just waiting… to get photographed?
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Macro of a spider on wood
Ready to run!
Macro of a small spider sitting on wood. It was kind of ready to run – but decided to stay
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The front side of the main buildings of the Clinique Du Diable
Clinique Du Diable
The Clinique Du Diable is a big complex with six buildings. This is the view from the front to the
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Macro of a giant grasshopper on the road
On the Road again
A giant green cricket was walking on the road. Just after a few photos it took off and flew away.
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Macro of a Japanese red Beetle on green leafes
Floating on Green
A Japanese red Beetle crawling over some green plants. On the final picture it looks like it’s floating on the
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Sunshine in the big garage
Sunny Garage
Once full with cars and trucks, there is only trash, scattered glass and sunshine left in the big garage. With
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Macro of a fly in the air
In Flight
A small brown hoover fly approaching a white flower. A first test with my new macro speed lights.
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Macro of a green shield bug on grass
Holding on
A green Stink Bug (yeah: if you touch them, they pee – usually it smells like a concentrated essence of
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