Lonely Chair in the CLinique du Diable, an abandoned sanatorium / hospital / hotel in Alsace, France
Lonely Chair
An empty chair left with nothing but a magazine on.  
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Main Entrance - The main entrance of the Château Lumière, an abandoned villa / mansion in Alsace, France
Main Entrance
The main entrance from the inside of the Château Lumière. A big door sheds light on the stairs to the
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Pallet Jack - A Forklift in the old foundry of Ferrum in Schafisheim, Switzerland, Schweiz
Pallet Jack
Currently several companies that bought the machines from the closed foundry are disassembling them in order to be sent to
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Hammers in the old Ferrum foundry in Schafisheim, Switzerland, Schweiz
Close to the ovens the hammers are laying like someone will use them again in a minute. But it’s months
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A Floor down - Inside the Ferrum in Schafisheim, Switzerland (Schweiz)
A Floor down
Who does not have to look down if there is a hole in the floor?  
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Yellow Arm - A small crane in the old Ferrum foundry
Yellow Arm
Once used to handle the heavy, molded parts, a crane stands like a big, yellow arm with red muscles.  
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Enter the Foundry - Material transport - but the passage from the warehouse to the foundry
Enter the Foundry
The door between the warehouse and the foundry. Material transport only – but where shall the women with the kid
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Lost Weight - An old scale in the Ferrum foundry
Lost Weight
There are still a lot of things around in the old Ferrum foundry – like this old scale going up
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Ferrum . Old foundry ind Switzerland / Alte Giesserei in der Schweiz
Ferrum Schafisheim
Ferrum is an old, traditional foundry in Switzerland. As the foundry business got no longer profitable, this part of the
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A Big Tit sitting on a branch
Big Tit
Recently on a little walk… Spring is coming!
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Lost Walls - Remains of a building i nan old industrial area outside Brașov, Romania
Lost Walls
In the middle of a field, behind some bushes, two lost walls are all that’s left from  former building. A
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Wired Poles - In an old industrial area outside Brasov, Romania
Wired Poles
Just in an old, abandoned industrial area outside Brașov, Romania.A picture from the “Post Apocalypse” series.
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Sunshine on the Loo - One of the bathrooms in the Château Lumière, an abandoned villa / mansion in Alsace, France
Sunshine on the Loo
One of the bathrooms in the Château Lumière with a little sunlight peaking in. But assumably in the past all
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Entrance - An entrance to the metro / subway in Bucharest, Romanaia
One of many entrances to the metro network in Bucharest. On a weekdays afternoon it’s not too busy in here
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Moon Halo - A big halo around the moon
Moon Halo
When I came home on Friday evening, the 18.01.2019, a big halo was visible around the moon.As time was tight,
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